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About The National Motorists Association

We are a grassroots alliance of motorists joined together to protect our rights in the courts, on the streets, and in our vehicles. National Motorists Association members number in the thousands and are active in all 50 states as well as in several provinces of Canada.

The NMA has empowered drivers since 1982. We fight for the driving freedoms of motorists. We lobby for traffic regulations and enforcement actions based on safety considerations, not a line item on the income side of a city, county, or state budget.

Among the principles we advocate:

  • Traffic safety through sound engineering and real driver training

Lives are saved on the highway through proven engineering solutions such as setting speed limits at their safest levels, i.e., slightly above the natural prevailing speed of free-flowing traffic, and through driver education programs that emphasize early advanced driving-skill development both on-road and in controlled learning environments.

  • Traffic laws fairly written and reasonably enforced

Traffic laws and penalties should be based on sensible standards that differentiate between responsible behaviors and demonstrated unsafe actions. If a driver is acting in a reasonable and prudent manner with no one placed in harm’s way and no property put at risk, then no penalty should apply. Command-and-control tactics like speed traps and red-light cameras do not constitute reasonable enforcement. Revenue motives corrupt the process, a problem exacerbated by the hiring of private, for-profit contractors as proxies for local law enforcement.

  • Freedom from arbitrary traffic stops and unwarranted searches/seizures

Roadblocks are used to cast a wide net that targets hundreds of thousands of innocent motorists to catch relatively few offenders. Probable cause has become so loosely defined that it is subject to the whims of roadside “justice.” No motorist’s property should be taken without a finding of guilt in a fair criminal trial.

  • Freedom from invasive surveillance

Myriad surveillance schemes – among them the tracking of motorists and vehicles by GPS, indiscriminate license plate data collection and retention, and the use of the driver’s license as a national ID card – do irreparable harm to the privacy rights of motorists.

  • Full due process for motorists

A fair trial is a fundamental constitutional right that has been increasingly stripped away from motorists. Our system of justice is based on the principle that people are considered innocent until proven guilty, but drivers – and vehicle owners in cases involving automated enforcement – are frequently presumed to be at fault and then subjected to administrative hearings that rubber-stamp guilty verdicts. This denies them basic rights such as discovery, trial by jury, and often the ability to question their accuser.

  • Reasonable highway user fees for maintaining and improving highways, not for financing non-highway projects

Having road users pay for upkeep and expansion of roads and bridges is fair. Charging them twice – as taxpayers and as drivers through the use of tolls and various fees – is not, particularly when the highway infrastructure continues to crumble and funds purposed for road improvements are funneled to unrelated projects.

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When you see a police car on the side of the road, it should make you feel more safe.
So why doesn't it?

Across the United States, even the most careful, safe drivers on the road would probably admit to being nervous when they spot a police officer enforcing traffic laws. Instead of inspiring feelings of safety, our traffic laws are used to create fear. Can this ever change?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was this organization created?
The organization was founded in 1982 to combat the 55-MPH National Maximum Speed Limit. We were successful in that effort and later expanded to other important driving issues.

Who funds this organization?
Everyday drivers just like you! The NMA is a grassroots organization supported by membership dues, donations, and advertising revenue generated by our network of websites.

Why haven't I heard of you before?
Surprisingly, we get that a lot. If you're looking for evidence of credibility, we've got plenty to show for ourselves. We've been quoted in thousands of regional media outlets and have been featured multiple times in well-respected media powerhouses like these: NMA Media Mentions
It's hard to reach everyone, but over the past 25+ years we have put a lot of effort into spreading the word about the organization.

What is your privacy policy?
We will not release, distribute, or disclose any information that you have given us. This includes but is not limited to your name, street address, email address, telephone number, membership status, and purchasing history. This policy has been in effect since our founding in 1982.

People Like Us!
They Really Like Us!

"The NMA is a much needed resource to expose the many myths about highway safety perpetrated by government agencies, insurers, and others with an economic agenda that feeds off drivers. NMA is an effective advocate of ALL drivers."
- Todd Spencer, Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association

"NMA is aggressively defending the rights of motorists in ways that "think tanks" and other membership organizations can't or won't. I'm a member and I encourage everyone who rides or drives to sign up too."
- Joseph Bast, Heartland Institute

"The NMA's goals are of critical importance to every motorist. Our transportation system is governed by powerful stakeholders with embedded interests. The NMA fights bureaucratic hypocrisy, provides strong advocacy, and produces real results."
- Andy Goldfine, Aerostitch Riderwear

Benefits of NMA Membership

Driver AdvocacyDriver Advocacy
This is the most important benefit you'll receive. The NMA is the strongest voice of dissent when revenue-motivated traffic laws are being promoted. The more members we have, the stonger and more forceful that voice becomes.

Legislative Email Alerts
These alerts will keep you informed about legislation that matters to you as a driver. You will be notified when you need to take action and provided with the information you need to be effective.

Weekly Email Newsletter
Our entertaining and informative weekly email newsletter will give you an enlightened perspective on driving issues that affect you everyday.

Special Discounts
By joining the NMA, you'll be able to take advantage of special discounts on Avis and Budget Rent-A-Car services. You'll also get the member price on items in the NMA Store.

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NMA Issue Positions

Speed Limits
The NMA believes that speed limits should be based on sound traffic-engineering principles that consider motorists' reasonable and prudent travel speeds.

Red Light Cameras
The NMA opposes the use of red light cameras and proposes engineering solutions as the real fix for intersections with high accident rates.

Speed Cameras
The NMA opposes the use of photographic devices to issue tickets. Speed cameras encourage artificially low speed limits and revenue-driven enforcement.

Lane Courtesy
The NMA strongly supports the simple but significant concept of the slower traffic using the right lane and vehicles in the left lane yielding to faster traffic.

Speed Traps
The NMA opposes the use of enforcement tactics that are intended to generate revenue from technical violations of underposted speed limits.

Black Boxes
The NMA position on black boxes (EDRs) is that it is OK to use them for their alleged research function--but not OK to use them against vehicle owners.

Seat Belt Laws
The NMA encourages seat belt use, but it does not support mandatory seat belt laws and the intrusive and punitive policies they spawn.

The NMA opposes the use of roadblocks, for any purpose, other than warning motorists of road hazards or other dangerous conditions.

The NMA does not support toll roads or user fees intended to limit or ration the use of public roads.

The NMA supports DUI/DWI regulations based on reasonable standards that differentiate between responsible behavior and reckless, dangerous behavior.

Daytime Running Lights
The NMA opposes the installation of "hard-wired" daytime running lights. Vehicle owners should be able to activate or de-activate all exterior lights.

Traffic Calming
The NMA opposes any measure or regulation that is deliberately designed to inconvenience and hinder the legitimate travel of responsible motorists.

Distracted Driving
The NMA believes that distracted driving, in all its forms, can best be addressed through efforts to educate the public on its dangers.

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